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Ajax Search Pro for WordPress v4.9.7 – Live Search Plugin
Ajax Search Pro for WordPress v4.9.7 – Live Search Plugin – Ajax search pro is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. Highly customizable, with many features and options, giving the best results possible! Replace the WordPress search bar with a better looking, more efficient search engine.
Ajax Search Pro for WordPress was designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It provides a live ajax search, which makes the wordpress search experience more confortable. The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive and less flat. The search works with mobile devices, let it be Android or IOS powered. The search can override the default wordpress search results – so the ajax functionality is extended – replace your default theme search with only a click of a button. The search can return posts, custom post types (like WooCommerce products, BBPress forums, topics, replies), Categories, custom taxonomy terms (like product categories), users, buddypress gorups and buddypress activities as results.
As of version 4.0, the plugin officially supports Visual Composer as well – so in addition an Ajax Search Pro Visual Composer addon is included within the plugin.
The plugin is updated regulary based on customer feedbacks and bug reports. Every support ticket is answered within 48 hours, usually in 12 hours (except for weekends).
  • Will the plugin work with the * theme?
    Yes it will. The plugin is theme independent.
  • Will it work on a multisite blog?
    Yes it will.
  • Can it replace my default theme search bar automatically?
    Yes it can! You can select which search instance you want to display instead of the default theme search bar.
  • Can I search custom post types, like WooCommerce/Jigoshop products?
    Yes you can!
  • Can I search buddypress groups/activity-feed/users?
    Yes you can!
  • Can the plugin return categories or custom taxonomy terms as results?
    Yes it can!
  • Will it work with bigger databases, like 25000+ records?
    Yes it will. The search speed only depends on your server speed.
  • Does it support sites with RTL?
    Yes it does!
  • Will it display images, that are not hosted on my server?
    Yes it will. In case of issues, read this knowledge base article.
  • Is support provided, if so where can I get supported?
    Yes, this item is supported! Please read the documentation and the knowledge base first. Many questions are answered there.
  • Can I search files or file contents on my server?
    Unfortunately you can’t.

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress v4.9.7 – Live Search Plugin Changelog

2016.09.05 – v4.9.7 – Minor Update    Added:
New category and term exclusion and inclusion options added
Corrected AUpdater message
Title percision query correction for Index Table operations
Scrollbar fixes: fully namespaced and moved to a different scope for max compatibility
Attachment image source fix
Isotopic and Polaroid mobile swipe results fix
Category and tag exclusions work for attachments as well
Dash like ignore removed from index table generator, smarter solution instead

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Minions Paradise Hack
Minions paradise hack is began out as being a warm and friendly fun time, which i used to be astounded by how jam-packed of delight it truly was. I had been changing inside an alarming rate until I turned up at level 6 determined, to my dismay, it cost alot and provide nothing special. I had been simply astonished, once i had grown connected with this particular imaginary child of mine, there
It truely does work most abundant in used systems: Android and iOS. We produced testing accounts to discover how everything works. We have not experienced any issues. There's been no errors, crashes or lags. Additionally, Minions paradise hack apk is modified to everyone platforms farmville produces. Regardless of what device you've, which type of console you utilize, Our hack tool will focus on surely on anything. We wanted proper proper proper care of it.
f I’m being honest, I basically don’t “get” the fascination we've with minions. I saw Wretched Me that people figured it absolutely was excellent, why did we latch for that small yellow males a good deal? I am talking about they’ve become memes for screaming noisy!
But whether any type of making sense personally doesn’t really matter, because Minions Paradise is a nice neat little free-to-play town builder. Not just that, nonetheless it creates a great example on alternative earnings creating models.
So plenty of minions are saved around the cruise when Phil unintentionally handles to sink the ship. For sake I truly I'm wanting they've slapstick insurance by using this factor. Anyway, The ship is underwater and minions are dish cleaning over the deserted island. To not be frustrated, Phil decides to exhibit crisis into chance and supply a minions-only resort. Although he’s really moving Minions paradise hack to ensure that with the ability to draw attention away everybody else inside the fact he’s the one which trashed the ship to begin with. Ah well, throughout paradise, right?
Features are apparent, screenshots show everything you should discover about Minions paradise hack apk. Everything proven across the picture is working, there's however one factor we have to explain. The image below show you interface of the minions paradise game.
Minions Paradise Hack Inferface
Anti-stop feature remains produced immediately, because everybody knows how important is anonymity to meet your requirements. What your location is will stay unknown because of delivering your ip. It's now dealing with lots of ports and proxies, because of that you can not get detected and banned. This is often restored feature, therefore, it is needed for all of us to understand are you able to ponder over it. Additionally, Minions paradise hack tool is totally secure. 

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billionaire hack tool

I hate that that sell so much time to play on my iphone.Bitcoin Billionaire is another production that got me incredibly until I lost track of time. Production seems to be quite easy to use, but getting the right amount of materials is not easy so I decided to create Bitcoin Billionaire cheat, which I share with you. The above image shows the interface for our Bitcoin Billionaire Hack Tool

The main objective of the our Bitcoin Billionaire Hack Apk is to earn bitcoins by touching the screen quickly bring it out. Then that currency is spent on a variety of investments, among other things, hyperbitts. Bitcoin mining process can be improved by us and faster as we move to the next level of the game. Then we are able to extract more virtual currency in a shorter period of time. And all this happens when the house sits in a miner becomes more decorative and funny, and they sit there tapping on the keyboard, watching bitcoins enter. It is false news that runs through the top of the screen parodying the games and tech and stupidity of you, mining Bitcoin Billionaire Hack Tool for android and ios. 

bitcoin billionaire hack screen

The main functions of the Bitcoin Billionaire Hack tool are:

  • Undetectable

  • Compatible with any iPhone

  • Add any number of hyperbits

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As commander in chief of expanding our building, we set tasks population located there and take care of security. All these activities can be done easily and simply having the right amount of lunch box, which is a virtual currency, for which we buy the necessary equipment. Fallout Shelter Hack Tool security by bypassing the game gives us access to an unlimited number lunchbox, in a simple and safe way.
The game interested me very quickly and I spend a few hours with her daily. The game focuses on fending off enemy attacks on the building, the development of skills of residents and collecting materials produced by the community.
To survive we need food, water and energy, and we obtain them through the work of our comrades in built for this purpose special rooms. What is important, in power best suited to people with high physical strength (each with humanoids described some basic statistics), and the kitchen perfectly cope clever characters. Producing resources in each case takes a certain moment – waiting time can be accelerated by placing in the room properly trained person, or even completely overcome by the so-called "rush". In contrast to many other items free-to-play finalizing the process is not subject to micropayments. Instead, we have the risk factor of the accident – if we fail, we just need eg. Put out the fire in the shelter. This carries considerable potential damage, but at the same time allows for a flexible approach to the game.
The game itself as well as our  Fallout Shelter Cheat  is available both for Android and iOS. This ensures that no matter which device you have the program will work properly.

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Radiation Island cheats

The Radiation Island cheats android is a true Survival. Extensive maps, solitude and independence – are the first things that come to mind when I think of Radiation Island. Boring? Vaguely? You lack impressive explosions? Yes, no. Believe, however, that the game makes up for in many other fields.
The adventure of Radiation Island cheats ios begins with a short film in which we learn that the place in which we find in 1940 was occupied by the Japanese army. Moving on to the present and a tutorial in which step-by-step we are acquainted not only with the mechanics, but also – and perhaps primarily – interface. This is quite intricate. Although intricate is a bad word, because its complexity is not clear, in my opinion, that was poorly designed, a number of options. In the game happens a lot, and we have to cope alone, even the smallest things.
What then is able Radiation Island Cheat? Why should you get it? Here are some arguments for:
  1. Provides the desired amount of material,
  2. Provides medications in order to heal the character
  3. Radiation Island Cheats generate any amount of food.
To take possession of the ax, first we have to find needed for its creation raw materials.We can also be created using radiation island cheats. Is a production in which even the smallest of things need our attention and time, there is no question of simplifications. Although the task seems to be trivial, in the end what mobile standards is to survive on an island full of zombies, in the local survival turns out that not everything can be patched some QTE sequences as in the case of The Walking Dead.
Survival is of course not only to fight for their lives in direct clashes. In the end, we are only human, so we had to have something to eat. Hunting, searching, independent creation of recipes. Fight for it to another day to stay afloat has long been so exciting. The more that to get out, we have invested there set off the towers, creating an electromagnetic field. And soon you learn that and it will not be easy.

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Into the dead hack is a program that was created on the wave of popularity of television programs focusing your attention the living corpses.

For some time watching TV serials market we see an interesting trend.Increasingly, television programs relate to things fantastic and unnatural. 
In recent times he achieved great popularity series "Walking Dead", which tells the story of a handful of people living in a world full of zombies.
This series has achieved great popularity, was established as early as 6 seasons of production. mobile gaming market rule has recently been developing games based on movie or TV series. That was the main reason for the creation of the intro the dead cheats on mobile devices.
Game developers have added variety to our time by creating different missions. Their purpose is usually to kill as many zombies as soon as possible.
The game is about the incarnation of the man living in a world full of zombies. Our task is to fight for survival in the surrounding reality.
Your task is to constantly resort and bypass the deceased persons.
For gained while running the money you can buy additional weapons or ammunition helpful in escaping. Into the dead hack apk allows you to get coins in a free way.
Reasons why you should take advantage of the dead into the hack tool 
  • We have made every effort to ensure that the program was undetectable
  • We provide business continuity our software
  • We do not charge any hidden costs for our cheat
  • Into the dead coin hack generates any number of coins
  • It allows you to deactivate annoying ads
  • It allows you to connect an optional proxy for greater anonymity
  • It is simple to use, no need to have the expertise to us
 download Into the dead hack.

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SpiderMan unlimited hack is a software hack that today I decided to be carefully analyzed.

At the beginning of my argument, I would like to mention the reasons for the creation of Spider-Man unlimited hack apk.
The game has a relationship with a very popular series of film Spider-Men. These films tell the story of a man who was bitten by a spider and thus acquires superhuman powers.
His skills are used to fight evil, tracking criminals and weapons of innocent people. 
This series has gained extraordinary popularity around the world. This was the main reason for the studio created Spider-Man Unlimited hack tool, which also gained extraordinary popularity.
spider-man unlimited hack is an arcade game that is easy to use.
While having fun controlling the character of Spider-Man follow continually forward trying to avoid the obstacles encountered. In comparison with the majority of endless-runners range of motion is much wider. The game not only fight the various enemies, but also perform spectacular jumps and stunts using a spider web, fired by our hero.
 The aim is to have fun during each step the best possible outcome spot, which is recorded in a special online rankings. An important element of Spider-Man: Unlimited Cheat is a story mode, in which our hero faces one of his ancient enemies. The Green goblin, which he opened in New York a special portal through which pulls the alternative worlds of various villains. They turn into the boss, with whom we have to fight at the end of each chapter of the game. As you progress the game unlocks a number of alternative costumes – both for the Spider-Man and his opponents.The game features high-quality 3D graphic design, maintained in a distinctive comic style.

So also our spider-man unlimited hack can:

  •  Generate energy points

  • Adds life

  • Creates a spider points

  • Unlock All Skins

  • Have auto-detection system operating system android / ios

  • Provide 100% undetectable and safe game

Spider-Man: Unlimited hack tool uses the popular model free-to-play with micropayments, through which we can work around restrictions imposed by the creators. In this case it is composed of 5 parts of the energy bar, which each cell is regenerated during 5 minutes.

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